VOL. 16  NO. 23 -- NOVEMBER 15, 2021



Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

Thankful in These Times

Last week, the partners of The Capital City Hues got together for our annual meeting. While I am the publisher & editor — and the most visible component — there are 10 other people who own The Hues with me. While we often times act like a non-profit — that reflects our community-based concept — we are a private, for-profit newspaper.

And 10 out of 11 were able to attend the meeting. One of the partners, Heidi Pascual, is currently living in The Philippines, although she still owns a condo in the Madison area, writes a column for The Hues and is our webmaster. None of us could afford to fly her in for a three-hour meeting. -- READ MORE