About The Capital City Hues … What can we say about The Capital City Hues?

The Hues is a reflection of the Madison area’s tomorrow today. It is a free, bi-weekly look at contemporary issues facing Dane County’s communities of color and beyond. It is a newsmagazine by, for, and of people of color. The Capital City Hues will be at the forefront in presenting honest and factual information and commentary to help the Dane County area confront the issue of race and its impact on the quality of all of our lives. What can we say about The Capital City Hues? As its name implies, The Hues is founded on the knowledge that we are all a part of the beautiful spectrum of humanity — equal and connected. We celebrate the cultural heritages of the many communities that call Dane County their home through photos and words. The Hues celebrates our differences while always being aware of the common foundation of humanity we share. What can we say about The Capital City Hues? The Hues is the philosophical ruminations of Andre de Shields, the featured actor in The Madison Repertory Theatre’s Our Town. The Hues is the recollections of Shree and Lakshmi Sridharan on Indian emigration to the United States. The Hues is a look at the devastation of Hurricane Katrina through the eyes of New Orleans native Geraldine Bernard. The Hues is a feature on Dawn Shegonee, the glue that keeps the Call for Peace Drum & Dance Troupe together. The Hues is an exploration of the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

In short, The Hues is based on the belief that “From each other we learn! With each other we grow!” What can we say about The Capital City Hues? It’s all about you and me!

The Capital City Hues is a minority-owned multicultural and bimonthly newspaper based in the city of Madison. Published and edited by award-winning editor Jonathan David Gramling, the Hues is bilingual and features a diverse group of professional writers in the Madison area.