The Art of Indian Classical Dance

Cover - Meenakshi Ganesan

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REFLECTIONS/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

Thoughts on AAPI Heritage Month

I have been truly blessed in life to know so many fine people from many walks of life and cultural background, almost in spite of the relatively negative racial environment that swirled around from the early days of my youth.

I will always appreciate the upbringing that I received from my parents, Jim and Claire. I cannot remember a time when any racial slur was used in our household, no that my parents would be predisposed to use them.

And one of the people in my parents’ lives was Walter Wong, the owner of the Lime House supper club on Bluemound Road in Brookfield. Walter, his wife, my parents and several other couples had their own supper club where one Saturday a month, they would get together at one of the member’s homes for dinner and socializing. I remember my mom spending much of Saturday afternoon preparing the dinner when it was her turn to cook. We would always be shoed away as kids when we tried to spy on the proceedings. -- READ MORE