Dr. Russell Jeung Named UW-Madison 2021 Diversity Forum Keynote Speaker: #Stop AAPI Hate


From UW-Madison DDEEA

MADISON, Wis. — Dr. Russell Jeung, a professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University and cofounder of the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center, will provide the Day 1 keynote address at the 2021 UW–Madison Diversity Forum, Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion Dr. Cheryl B. Gittens announced on Monday.

A highly respected sociologist, Dr. Jeung has studied social movements, community organizing, race and religion and the Asian Pacific Islander experience for decades. In the last year, he has also emerged as a powerful advocate and voice in the media for revealing and countering racism, xenophobia and hate directed at people of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) descent in the United States.

Responding to the increase in anti-Asian rhetoric and violence in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Jeung co-founded Stop AAPI Hate with the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council and

Chinese for Affirmative Action. Since March 2020, Stop AAPI Hate has been tracking instances of xenophobia and bigotry, revealing that the number of anti-Asian hate incidents — which may include shunning, online harassment, and verbal and physical attacks — is far greater than previously reported and that a disproportionate number of attacks have been directed at women. The group’s statistics have been widely quoted in the media, helping to raise awareness of how racialized rhetoric around the novel coronavirus’s origins has uniquely targeted people of Asian descent while fueling a new generation of intersectional activism.

The 2021 UW–Madison Diversity Forum will likewise focus on social justice, healing and finding solutions to longstanding social problems in the context of the pandemic. Our speakers and panels will consider a number of the most searing questions of our time: How do we acknowledge and address the continuing inequities the pandemic exposed? How do we end racism and xenophobia and stand up for gender and sexual identity rights? And how do we move forward in our efforts of healing after the Derek Chauvin verdict?