VOL. 17 NO. 25-DECEMBER 12, 2022

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

The Meaning of the Season

I have been blessed in the face of a difficult and sometimes painful world. Through The Hues after all of these almost 17 years, I have met so many people from so many walks of life, nationalities, racial groups, religions and cultures. During my 23 years in journalism, I have probably interviewed over 4,000 people from diverse backgrounds. And the vast majority of them are good people who work hard to make life better for people within their communities and the community at large.

I would say that I am an empathetic journalist. When I interview people, I want to see the world through their eyes. Sometimes people will ask me what the story is about and I tell them that I don’t know because I haven’t interviewed them yet. And while I might have an idea of what the story might be about, I am always willing to allow the person I am interviewing to take me to spaces that I didn’t know existed and those spaces are much more interesting than the spaces I had in mind. --READ MORE