Asian Wisconzine Section/Heidi M. Pascual

Heidi Pascual

Thoughts on Grandkids’ Coping and Hoping for a Better World

This pandemic has brought a lot of pain and misery to our world. Imagine losing millions of lives, shattering dreams, destroying places and people's happy existence! It has, however, brought people an important message that has become the focus of our lives — love of family.

It's not wealth nor life's accomplishments that are important nowadays, but our personal relationships. Now we know that we have absolutely no control over our life's destiny ... regardless of who we are, where we live, what we do, or how much we have accumulated. Life can be taken from us ... anytime, so we now realize it's really borrowed. So what do we prioritize? Our family, all the rest come in second.

And despite the fear of this pandemic that is at the top of our minds, I see that many people, especially our youth, have high hopes to survive, make their lives productive, and make other people extremely happy.

I am proud to mention my grandchildren, most especially Alyssa, Marcus and Sophia (kids of my son, John), who have been doing so well in academics and extracurricular activities and competitions, that this space doesn't do justice to the list of their individual work that make our family extremely proud. While Sophie is busy as poetry editor of La Salle University's Writers' Guild, Marcus (an honor student of the Philippine Science High School) is a regular competitor in virtual debate and other similar undertakings,

Alyssa (Aly) is focused on her artistic creations when not busy with her academics. Aside from being our family's musician (violinist and choir soloist), Aly draws and paints to express intense emotions and messages worth thinking about. Her latest work on the right says, "Have depth, flame, fire, and let it burn."



Digital art work that won top prize at the recent competition of Miriam College by Alyssa Gabrielle Dulalas-Pascual. Aly is the youngest daughter of lawyers John Henry and Malou Pascual.