22nd Anniversary of Dane Dances on the Monona Terrace Rooftop: The Magic Continues

By Jonathan Gramling

When the COVID-19 pandemic held Madison and Dane County firmly in its grip last summer, causing the cancellation of the summer festivals that draw people to the Madison area by the thousands, the spirit and the magic of Dane Dances lived on in the hearts and souls of many. Dane Dances would return.

And on four Friday nights in August in 2021, Dane County and its magic returned to the Monona Terrace Rooftop, once again uniting people from many different backgrounds together with song and dance.

Orquesta MAS – Madison All Stars and the Sons of Chicago started the fun on August 9 with DJ Pain 1 keeping the rhythm going in between sets. And it all came to a close on August 27 with Sounds of Slaver R&B Band and Public Announcement and DJ Ace providing the musical interlude.

And while the party was going, La Taguara, Lemongrass, Kipp’s Kitchen and Lake Vista Care were serving up ethnic taste treats and some Americana fare.

But most of all, the dancers hit the floor letting their spirits soar and experiencing a sense of freedom and relief. This night belonged to them and they enjoyed to the max.

In spite of the lingering pandemic, Dane Dances came on strong to allow us to celebrate our common humanity and culture on a beautify Friday summertime night. Nothing could be finer.