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Ending trump’s delusion

If I told you I was the brainchild behind the Oprah Winfrey dynasty, you’d have plenty of doubts and a zillion questions. I have no proof of involvement with the Winfrey business let alone ownership. I have several friends around the country who can vouch for my claims. The more my claims are disproven, the more aggressive I become in asserting them. People are starting to think I’m delusional.

Someone needs to give former president trump a diagnosis for his persistent delusions around the 2020 election.

Despite the voluminous evidence that Joseph Biden won the 2020 presidential election — a lot of it presented at the January 6 Congressional hearings — trump is still insisting that he’s the rightful heir to the throne.

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court helped to feed trump’s delusions with its recent ruling. Republic puppeteers charged that the ballot boxes were in violation of state law and opened the fake door of voter fraud.

During the 2020 elections, the Wisconsin Election Commission made a practical decision in the name of safety during the height of COVID. The commission instructed local election clerks to allow voters to use drop boxes to return absentee ballots. The court ruled that absentee ballots could only be dropped off at official designated sites but not at an unstaffed ballot box.

This is when the Republicans are at their scheming best. Wisconsin state law is silent on the use of ballot drop boxes. This is when they added their twisted conclusion: the drop boxes resulted in voter fraud. While the court stopped short of agreeing that fraud was prevalent, it cracked the door wide enough for trump to take the ruling and run. He ran straight to Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to demand that the presidential election results be overturned. Vos is a Republican.

The country is some 20 months out from the infamous presidential election and we’re still allowing trump and his cronies to run us in circles. Circling around an election that is over and done.

Wisconsin has a critical election coming up in August. The court just made it harder for voters who need some extra assistance to vote. More than 40 percent of all votes cast were through absentee ballots. The road to the ballot box just got bumpier.

Republicans are hell-bent on taking control of the state legislature and the Governor’s seat. I urge Wisconsin voters to go all out and make a powerful statement about the democratic process. Wisconsin elections are going to be under the spotlight next month, so make it good. Do your part to bust trump’s bubble of delusion.