Gamma Gamma Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 2021 Scholarship Recipients: Recognizing Past and Future Leaders

By Rick Jones

The Gamma Gamma Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi are pleased to present our 2021 scholarship recipients

The Carter G. Woodson Scholarships

The Carter G. Woodson Scholarship and Community Service Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation whose ultimate


mission is to help improve the quality of life for the less fortunate in the Madison community. To those ends, over the last twenty (20) years, we have:

  • Launched the Woodson Boys Club Mentoring Program.
  • Distributed new, multicultural, high interest books to middle school students.
  • Offered cultural enrichment opportunities for youth who lack access to such.
  • Donated food to needy families and individuals at Thanksgiving.
  • Granted college scholarships and/or book awards to high school students.

The Carter G. Woodson Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school students, who have demonstrated a commitment to education as a pathway to a successful life and to community service as a means of changing the world. Carter G. Woodson Foundation Scholarship winners will have demonstrated an ability to overcome adversity and a commitment to helping others.

Adeja Shannon

Our First Recipient desires to end the discrimination that exists within our criminal justice system and serve as an agent of change for those who are marginalized and mistreated. As an African American woman, she is often frustrated when she sees people who look like her facing countless acts of abuse and mistreatment in a system intended to be just and fair to all. As a firm believer that the color of one’s skin should not determine the severity of the charges or sentence, she is committed to eliminating the stereotypes and negative ideologies that produce the inequities that people of color face.

She desires to major in Criminal Justice with a minor in African American Studies so that she can help return the criminal justice to its intended purposes and help underprivileged people who fall victim to the biases within the justice system by raising awareness of the mistreatment, educating the community, serving as a role model and inspiring youth to make positive change. Believing that racism in the criminal justice system is a pressing matter that we cannot ignore, she intends to help eliminate the impurities that lie deep within our criminal justice system and encourage others to do the same.

Therefore, the Carter G. Woodson Foundation is honored to award our first scholarship to a young who is in passionate pursuit of justice for others.

Kareena Thao

Our next recipient is concerned with the health care received by Hmong patients in a system not intended to meet the myriad of needs of those of us who are Hmong and comprehend little to no English.

She desires to bridge the gap between the Hmong community and healthcare providers.

When she attended doctor appointments with her grandparents she was struck by the inability of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers to effectively communicate with her grandparents and they would often leave those appointments not understanding any of the information relative to their diagnosis, treatment, medications, etc. Therefore, they are often left lacking important knowledge of their medical status which can have negative consequences.

Believing that the presence of a Hmong nurse could help Hmong patients by easing their uncertainty about their treatment and creating a comfortable space to ask and understand their health issues and concerns, she intends to major in nursing and serve as that Hmong nurse that her community so desperately needs.

The Carter G. Woodson Foundation is therefore honored to award our second scholarship to our next great healthcare provider who will open the doors of access to the Hmong community.

The Rev. James C. Wright Scholarship Award

The Rev. James C. Wright was a native of Camden, South Carolina where he graduated from Mather Academy. His teachers at Mather were role models who "dared to make a difference." They fought against and resisted every vestige of segregation and discrimination. And it was that attitude and obligation that Rev. Wright adopted and that helped to shape the remainder of his life’s work. Recognizing the importance of education, Rev. Wright left home to study philosophy at Virginia Union University where he became involved in the Virginia civil and human rights movement. After completing his pre-theological training at Union, he studied philosophy and theology at Payne A.M.E. Theological Seminary and Wilberforce University and psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

His work in Madison speaks for itself, but it also reflects the reality that the Rev. James C. Wright was a “drum major for justice” and a change agent who believed that his presence in the world was intended to help shape and change the world. Thus, the Rev. James C. Wright Scholarship is awarded to young men who desire to make a difference in the world and whose desire for further education is intended to enhance their ability impact the communities and world that they live in. And today, we have come to recognize a young man whose life, ambitions, and hopes mirror those of Rev. Wright and make him the perfect recipient of this year’s Rev. James C. Wright Scholarship.

Christian Bell

This year’s recipient of the James C. Wright Scholarship is an exceptional young man raised by a strong, loving single mother, and who has succeeded academically, socially, and personally. Recognizing the obstacles and opposition that African American men face, he desires to contradict the negative stereotypes. He desires to earn his college degree not only for himself, but also for all of the other young black men in the world who did not have the chance to do so.

His dreams are entrepreneurial and desires to major in Business Administration and develop his own business. Those dreams have always rested in his heart and in pursuit of those dreams he consistently enrolled in business classes in high school and began his own Online Sneaker Resale Business. As a training ground for his entrepreneurial pursuits, he plans to work in a corporate position for a retail company.

For all of those reasons and many more, it is our honor to award to the 2021 Rev. James C. Wright Scholarship to one who desires to show the world that all Black boys are not thugs but have dreams that positively impact our world as one of our community’s next great entrepreneurs.