Working Hard for Wisconsin Families

Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin

By Tammy Baldwin

When I travel across our state, I hear from working families that they need a fighter on their side. The big corporate special interests and the super-wealthy have it easy making their voices heard, but our workers, our neighbors, and our families need someone speaking up for them. Every Wisconsinite should have the right to a good paying job, health care they can afford, and the same freedoms their parents and grandparents had, including the freedom to make their own health care decisions.

As your Senator, I’ve gone to bat for you and won, delivering good paying Made in Wisconsin jobs, lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs, and expanding services for millions of our veterans. With so much at stake right now, we need a fighter who can keep taking on the biggest fights and winning for all of our communities.

Delivering Good Paying Made in Wisconsin Jobs

Workers in our state make everything: steel, engines, paper, ships, beer, brats, and of course, cheese. It’s a long and proud tradition.

In the Senate, I went to bat for our manufacturing workers and won big. When we passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, I made sure my Made in America provisions were included in there. Now, when we’re building new bridges and roads all across the country, we’re using American steel and American concrete to do it.

And right now, I’m standing up for our agricultural industries to make sure this year’s Farm Bill will crack down on foreign investments in our farmlands, protect our dairy industries, and invest in research that will ensure our agricultural industries can flourish for generations to come.

Working Wisconsinites are the backbone of our state, and I will always fight for Made in America and Made in Wisconsin initiatives that back up our industries and keep our workers going strong.

Lowering the Price of Healthcare and Prescription Drugs

I also know how important accessible, affordable health care is for our families. It’s an issue that has hit me close to home. When I was 9, I got really sick and spent months in the hospital getting better. I recovered – but no insurance company would cover me because I had been branded with those terrifying words: “pre-existing condition.” After decades of work, I helped pass the Affordable Care Act so no one has to go through that same stress around having a pre-existing condition.

But we didn’t stop there. Just last year, we took on the drug industry again and we won. This time, we beat Big Pharma, passing a law to lower drug prices and cap insulin costs at $35 a month for our seniors. I won’t stop fighting until no one has to decide between buying their medication and buying their groceries.

Combating Wisconsin’s Opioid Epidemic

In our state, the opioid, fentanyl, and heroin epidemic has claimed too many lives, affected countless families, and devastated entire communities.

After holding community discussions across the state with treatment providers, local law enforcement, and families who have lost loved ones, I helped lead successful efforts to push Washington to support Wisconsin’s fight against the opioid epidemic that has devastated our communities. Now we’ve increased community access to opioid overdose reversal drugs and have worked to secure critical funding to address the opioid and substance use disorder crisis in Wisconsin.

Fixing Dane County’s Housing Crisis

I’m proud to be from Dane County. With unbeatable public education, good-paying jobs, and some of the kindest people anywhere, it’s no surprise that so many families want to settle here.

But with unfair rent increases and lack of affordable housing, our neighbors are experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness at alarming rates. To combat this crisis, I fought to secure new funds for affordable housing units, an emergency housing center, and a community center for homeless women and children. We need to address this crisis head-on because too many of our neighbors are suffering.

I promise I will keep working until everyone has an affordable place to live.

Serving Our Veterans

Wisconsin is the proud home of service members, veterans, and military families who have made incredible sacrifices for our country. But too often, our veterans and their families aren’t well supported here at home. I’ve worked across party lines to do right by our veterans and make sure they have the care, good paying jobs, and community support that they have earned and deserve. Just last year, I helped pass legislation to expand VA health care and benefits to the more than 3.5 million veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits during their service in the 1990s and post-9/11 wars. Our veterans put their lives on the line to keep us safe and free, and they deserve everything we can provide.

Standing up to Right Wing Extremism

And lastly, I’m determined to stand up to the right wing extremism coming for our freedom to vote and to make our own health care decisions. Voting rights are the foundation of America’s democracy, but time and again we’ve seen attempts to suppress the vote, gerrymander district lines, and prevent communities from having a say - especially when those communities are voters of color. I’m fighting to stop right wing voter suppression efforts and remove barriers to the constitutionally protected right to vote. I am also a proud advocate for women’s freedoms and will continue to fight against the 1849 abortion ban until every Wisconsinite can make their own health care decisions without the government getting involved.

A good paying job, health care you can afford, the freedom to make your voice heard in your democracy ― these are basics that every Wisconsinite should enjoy. I promise I will keep fighting for our state, no matter who we have to take on to do it.

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