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Heidi M. Pascual
Vol. 10   No. 10
MAY 14, 2015
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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                              Moment of Decision
This is a difficult column to write for a number of reasons. My heart first goes out to Tony Robinson Jr., who
died tragically on March 6th. From what I have read and heard from people who knew him, Tony was basically
a good kid who made some bad choices during his brief moment on this earth. And it seemed that he was also
haunted by some inner demons, the inner demons that haunt many people in society, inner demons that have
propelled some people to do great things for humanity.

It appears that those inner demons were in play on March 6. Tony was self-medicating that day. Obviously he
was in a lot of pain. While he and his friends had smoked marijuana that afternoon at a home in Monona, Tony
had also taken Xanax and purchase some psilocybin mushrooms or “shrroms” and took a double dose. It
appears that Tony was the only one consuming drugs other than marijuana. Two side effects of Xanax are
hallucinations and the loss of inhibitions. Psilocybin mushrooms are also a hallucinogen. I can’t imagine the
kind of overwhelming impact that these drugs in combination had on Tony’s mental and physical state. It
appears that these drugs in combination unleashed Tony’s inner demons and he was consumed by them.

After making their way back to 1125 Williamson Street #2, it appears that the drugs hit their zenith and Tony
lost complete control and began to smash things in the apartment. The occupants all left the apartment and
Tony followed at which time the friend whose apartment they had been at locked the door. Tony was still out of
control and the friend was fearful and concerned about everyone’s safety including Tony’s.

While he was in the parking lot of the gas station across the street, the friend made the first 911 call, which
Dane County DA described as follows:
“The first call came in at 6:28 p.m. from a friend of Tony Robinson Jr. who is a resident of 1125 Williamson
Street #2,” Ozanne said. “It was reported that “Tony was tweaking, chasing everybody and is really outrageous
right now.” The caller and his girlfriend are scared. Tony is a light-skinned African American. He is not wearing
a shirt, but has a jacket on that is tan in color. It is not believed that Tony is armed. Tony has jumped in front of
a car, but doesn’t appear to be hurt. Tony is chasing the caller as they drive off. Tony had punched another
friend prior to this call, but everyone has left as things are really bad. Tony is going crazy. He took ‘shrooms’ or
some type of drugs. The caller said that he couldn’t talk to Tony. He couldn’t get through to him. Tony is acting
insane right now. And it is scaring the caller.”

It appears that Tony had a lot of adrenaline flowing through his veins in addition to the drugs he had taken. He
was feeling no pain and he was causing damage.

It appears that after his friends drove off down the street and Tony gave up the chase, he went back to the
apartment after also striking one person and choking another, which were reported in two subsequent 911 calls.
It appears that Tony broke through the front door of the apartment and started breaking things and smashing the
wall.  --