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Heidi M. Pascual
Vol. 10   No. 6
MARCH 19, 2015
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                                Starting Number 10
A Commitment to Service
ULGM’s Young Professionals Present the
Emerge Gala
UW-Madison/Native Nations Summit on
Environment and Health
It’s hard to believe, but with this issue, The Capital City Hues begins its tenth year of publication. On March
22, 2006, we published our first issue with Mother Jacqueline Wright on our cover, the story of Shree and
Lakshmi Sridharan on Page 1 along with a poem by Fabu written for the occasion.

As the saying goes, there are no guarantees in life. It has taken a lot of hard work to get it going and to keep
it going. The Hues is like a baby that never grows up, needing constant attention with each issue that is
published. As we were starting The Hues, the advertising market for print media started to go south as
advertisers began their migration to the Internet and social media. And then as we started to break even in
2008, the Great Recession started and advertising is often the first thing to get cut in a budget as
businesses hunker down to survive the financial storm and government seeks to meet its budgets as
revenues decline.

But through sheer will, our many friends and the support of the community, we have survived these nine

And this issue has been a sort of birthday present of sorts. We had a confluence of articles and features
submitted by the community that makes it a pretty special issue. We feature the 2015 YWCA Women of
Distinction and five out of six are women of color who make wonderful contributions to the community. And
we have the Wisconsin Women of Color Network’s Youth Leadership Awards recipients, made possible
through a grant from the Madison Downtown Rotary.

We have the answers to our Madison Mayor Questionnaire from Scott Resnick and Paul Soglin. We hope
these will inform you as you make your decision and vote on April 7th. And an additional source of
information is our article on the African American Communication and Coordination Council Candidate
Forum that featured the mayoral candidates as well as the District Alder candidates. Be informed and vote.
You know you need to vote if we are ever to experience lasting change.

Dawn Crim and her daughter Danielle went to the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Selma to
Montgomery March and wrote about their experience. It was a beautiful bonding experience for them as
well as a very meaningful history lesson for Danielle.

We have columns from Michael Johnson, Dr. John Y. Odom and Brandi Grayson on the Tony Robinson
shooting, reflecting different perspectives and observations about the shooting. We would welcome
additional columns and letters to the editor on this because we need to deal with the different feelings and
perspectives that this incident has generated as a community and then use the discussion and trading of
perspectives to become a better and stronger community.

A historical summit occurred on the UW-Madison campus as representatives from all of Wisconsin’s
American Indian Nations came together to talk about health and the environment. It had been over 100
years since that had occurred. Several UW-Madison students teamed together to write the article.
And of course there are the regular columns of Donna Parker and Sujhey Beisser that really nicely round
out the content of The Hues on a monthly basis.

So as I look at this issue of The Hues, an anniversary issue, I just have to smile. We have features on
politics, education, health, civil rights, food, emotional health, award-winning women and young women,
community service and current events and thought. What better way to celebrate the birthday of a
newspaper than to have a multitude of articles covering diverse issues and subject matter and I only had
to write five articles and a column. Such a deal.


As I write this column, the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team is making its way through the
beginning of the March Madness and the NCAA tournament. I picked Wisconsin to win it all this year. Now I
have to admit that I haven’t won the basketball pool that I have been in for the past 25 years. I almost took
third place one year only to have my team lose the final game and the combined score didn’t come close to
what I predicted it would be. In other words, no one should ever take solace in my NCAA pool picks. Yet
hope springs eternal and this could just be my year to take it all and ride the Wisconsin Badgers coattails to
victory. GO BADGERS!