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Representative Policing

  • Unity Picnic 2021 (Drive Thru)
  • WI Book FEstival
  • Dane Dances
  • Quartz; Dane County Redistricting
  • Edgewood College; MGE
  • Urban Treasure; Take the Shot
  • WisDoT; Drive Thru Resource Fair
  • Protect your Business
  • Protege a tu Familia
  • Take the Shot
  • Catholic Multicultural Center; Northport-Packer Apts.
  • Next Level
  • Larry Sain (Statefarm Insurance); Foster Funeral Svcs.; UW Credit Union



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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Democracy and voting have always been very important to me because, in part, they meant something to my father – a traditional conservative Republican – and my mother – an in-the- closet Democrat for marriage purposes. We participated in congressional campaigns as kids and I would later write a paper for an independent study – my final UW-Madison undergraduate credits
– on electoral politics in Mississippi based on my experience with the campaign of independent Congressional candidate Evan Doss in 1978.

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