VOL. 17 NO. 23-NOVEMBER 14, 2022

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

Opportunity Lost

MORWhen I woke up on November 9th, the day after the election, at first, I thought it was great news. It appeared that the Democrats had swept the statewide offices, showing once again that the Republicans have severely gerrymandered the state as they hold big majorities in both houses of the Wisconsin legislature.

But then I noticed that Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes had fallen short by 26,449 votes. While Tony Evers had 1,358,664 votes for governor and Josh Kaul had 1,333,030 for attorney general, Mandela only had 1,310,429. If Mandela had gotten the same number of votes as Josh Kaujl, certainly he would have won. --READ MORE