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November 11th Is An Auspicious Day

November 11 is one of the most magical days of the year. This day holds the number code of 1111, which is a power number in astrology and it is also considered an Angel number. It is a day when manifestations work like a charm. The number “11” is considered a master number and it truly holds extraordinary powers. When the number appears twice on our calendars, the energy of the master number fuels our manifestations. The supporting powers of the Universe unite on this day to help you manifest your desires.

Thus the date of November 1 or 11/11 is believed to hold spiritual significance. It falls in the middle of Scorpio season, a sign of intensity, rebirth and transformation and the date itself is meant to represent this on a greater scale, particularly in relation to the concept of unity and divinity. This day is meant to be a time when we come together with our truth, our soulmates and our dreams as we recognize our “oneness” with all living beings.

The number 1 on it’s own is associated with new beginnings, the start of a new journey, creativity and leadership. When it is repeated four times in a row, it is thought to quadruple these qualities and indicates a powerful shift or transformation is currently (or soon) taking place. 1111 is a symbol of a spiritual awakening or ascension, suggesting that you are being called to level-up and start to connect with your higher self, in a real and actionable way, through your intuition.

Let’s get into the details of this magical day. In numerology, 1 is represented by the Magician, oracle card. The Magician is known to use his spiritual and physical tools to manifest something from which there is absolutely nothing. It is believed that when an 11 appears, the Magician’s manifestation powers are doubled and where dreams are quickly turned into reality. If you continue to notice the number 11 around you, it is a sign from the Universe that you are following with and from, your divine purpose. November 11th is a great day to bring up your biggest dreams that you want to achieve.

No dream is too big for this energy! Whether it is your dream home or the perfect partner, think of them from the bottom of your heart and release the energy. This energy will help you to seek out the magic that you have within yourself and allow you to work with your own skills. Be open-minded, reconnect with your spirit guides, and you too can manifest your dreams. Let the Universe do the rest. Even skeptics can turn into believers once they see the magician’s work in action.

How you can manifest the energies of 11/11, in your personal life?

The Law of Attraction teaches us that manifestation begins with our thoughts. What we think about is where our energy is flowing. Do not let negative thoughts consume you, set your intentions for the best results.

Before you think about manifestation, think about why you want to manifest a particular idea. Begin by sitting down to meditate and think about your goal. Look inside yourself and find out the reasons for your desires. If you have that clarity, it helps the manifestation process.

When you are clear about your desires and have the full support of your angel guides, you will be ready. Ask yourself questions like how do you see yourself in the future. Who or what surrounds you? How will you feel when your deepest desires manifest? The more you think about it, the easier it will be for you to turn them into reality.

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