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Voting Rights March

September 2--Last Saturday, APIAVote and thousands of other voting rights advocates joined together in Washington, D.C. and other cities across the country to march for voting rights. We came together to protest the 30 anti-voter laws passed in 18 states legislatures that suppress Americans’ freedom to vote, particularly for voters of color and young voters, including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Together, we also demanded Congress take action to pass the For the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect, strengthen, and expand our democracy – before its too late.

While the march might be over, the fight to secure our ability to vote has not. The Senate has yet to act on both the For the People Act or John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, despite having the support of a majority of Americans and having passed the U.S. House of Representatives already.

Find your Senator and call or email them today and tell them to act now on this legislation.


The Asian American Foundation Releases Anti-Hate Toolkit

As you all may know, the White House is released the unclassified version of the COVID-19 Origins Report, ordered by President Joseph R. Biden on May 26, 2021.

Even though the report was inconclusive, APIAVote and a host of other organizations collaborated with The Asian American Foundation to develop a rapid response toolkit in order to prepare our communities in case the release of the report triggers more anti-Asian hate incidents. The toolkit contains a host of ways for us to prepare for and respond to anti-Asian hate, including prioritizing safety, reporting hate incidents, securing support from trauma-informed mental health professionals, and seeking legal counsel. Below, please find a press release for the toolkit. Finally, there is the joint TAAF and Stop AAPI Hate Coalition codebook, outlining recommended hate crime data standards.

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Codebook: Documenting Anti-AAPI Hate Codebook

Executive Summary:

Since March 2020, the Stop AAPI Hate (SAH) coalition has received over 9,000 reports of hate incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). These firsthand reports offer a glimpse of the realities facing AAPI persons and communities, particularly during the pandemic. The Stop AAPI Hate data offer insights into the large-scale patterns of AAPI encounters with discrimination today, but they are only one piece of the puzzle in achieving a comprehensive understanding of the rich and diverse multitude of AAPI experiences. The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) and the SAH coalition are collaborating to facilitate the documentation of AAPI experiences through multiple sources of data and methodologies. To that end, TAAF and the SAH coalition formed a working group to draft standards and practices for community-based data collection. The overarching goal was collaboration built on trust, transparency, and accountability for improving anti-AAPI hate data quality. Standardization is essential for establishing shared definitions and facilitating communication. This working draft provides the definitions for key terms related to documenting anti-AAPI hate and the language used on the SAH coalition’s reporting site.

About The Asian American Foundation (TAAF)

The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) is a convener, incubator, and funder committed to accelerating opportunity and prosperity for AAPI communities. TAAF supports advocates and organizations committed to AAPI causes so that together we can more effectively take action against hate and violence, and build the infrastructure needed to improve AAPI advocacy, power, and representation across American society. We were founded to solve for the longstanding lack of investment and resources provided to AAPI communities and we strive to be a catalyzing force for creating a permanent and irrevocable sense of belonging for the 23 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders living in the United States. The month of its launch, TAAF announced that through its AAPI Giving Challenge and donations from its Board it raised nearly $1.1 billion — the largest philanthropic commitment in history fully focused on supporting AAPI communities. For additional information about TAAF, please visit