VOL. 17 NO. 18-SEPTEMBER 5, 2022





2022 Dane Dances on Monona Terrace: Here comes the Sun

YO SOY ...

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The Latino Professionals Association Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month with Yo Soy.


Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

Battle of the Titans

Sometimes it is so hard to be productive with all that is going on. And it doesn’t help when you have been around for 70 years. There is a lot of water that has passed beneath the bridge. And having a good memory is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you remember so much that you can remember and bring to bear to troubleshoot problems of organizations that you are involved with and occasionally work for. On the other side, you remember a lot of things and so you understand the implications of things as they happen in real time. And you go, ‘Can this really be happening again?’ -- READ MORE