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Jonathan Gramling

Bits and Pieces

As you read this edition of The Hues, you will more than likely realize that it is late, about a week late. About once a year, often at this time, I seem to completely run out of steam in putting another issues out and can’t meet my press time for the life of me. Fortunately I have some understanding people I work with over at Capital Newspapers who print The Hues. I am always grateful for their flexibility. It’s not like I can pass the production off to someone else. It’s always on my shoulders to get the paper out, which 99 percent of the time I don’t mind. But every once in a great while …

*** One reason it has been almost impossible to focus is the events that are unfolding over in Afghanistan with the unexpected swift takeover by the Taliban. At our family reunion on August 1st, I talked with my niece Jessica. -- READ MORE