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Representative Policing

Brian Chaney Austin is Monona’s First African American and Openly Gay Police Chief

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Editor's Corner

REFLECTIONS/Jonathan Gramling

Defending Democracy

Jonathan Gramling

Democracy and voting have always been very important to me because, in part, they meant something to my father — a traditional conservative Republican — and my mother — an in-the-closet Democrat for marriage purposes. We participated in congressional campaigns as kids and I would later write a paper for an independent study — my final UW-Madison undergraduate credits — on electoral politics in Mississippi based on my experience with the campaign of independent Congressional candidate Evan Doss in 1978.

Through these experiences, I learned that democracy was important because it forced elected officials to listen to their constituents and to compete for their votes. Now that did lead to some unequal listening as some parts of Madison were very active electorally and other sides were not politically engaged. And that did influence how elected officials allocated resources. -- READ MORE