VOL. 18 NO. 11-MAY 29, 2023


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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

Our Future Is in Good Hands

The last six weeks have been a blur. It’s like my time is marked getting the coffee maker going in the morning and then I sit at my desk, a step repeated constantly like a version of Groundhog Day. I’ve had two financial audits, planning for The Hues 17th Anniversary Celebration — an ad is on the cover of this newspaper — and this graduation issue going on simultaneously. I prefer to work on one major project at a time. Four has been overwhelming and I find myself mumbling prayers at all times of the day, praying that I don’t make too many rookie mistakes at the same time.

I really enjoy putting together this Graduation Issue together. It’s intense. It’s like putting together 2-3 issues of The Hues at one time. The starting line, so to speak, is the end of the third quarter when we can get a pretty firm idea which graduating seniors of color in Dane County are graduating with a 3.0 GPA or greater. And then I make visits to MMSD high schools and Middleton High, 3-5 apiece to work with some incredibly committed staff to identify the students, have them complete a form and take their photo. We have to dodge around AP tests, senior end-of-the-year activities like prom and Senior Skip Day and trips to Great America and specially designed conferences. -- READ MORE