VOL. 18 NO. 5-MARCH 6, 2023

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Reflections/Jonathan Gramling

Jonathan Gramling

Conservatives Gone Wild

This past year has been breathtaking with the quickness that the conservative agenda is being openly implemented across America. It’s almost like everything was waiting until the right — in all its connotations — U.S. Supreme Court was in place before the conservative wave was unleashed.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a leader in the conservative retrenchment. He got it going last year when the Disney Company had the audacity to criticize DeSantis’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill that limited what could be discussed in Florida public schools. I would imagine that Disney — reluctant at first — was sticking up for its gay employees. DeSantis was offended that a company was exercising its freedom of speech to state its opinion on this legislation.

Apparently DeSantis only believes in the First Amendment rights of conservatives and those who agree with his policies. All others should shut up.-- READ MORE