VOL. 19 NO. 3 -- FEBRUARY 5, 2024

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Jonathan Gramling

Learning from Black History

As I put the finishing touches on The Hues Black History issue, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride. I personally like the issue with its diversity and stories on different aspects of life, from politics to history to the arts. And what has become a tradition for us, we have the Black Fax Black History Trivia Quiz in the center spread. There’s a whole lot of information and beauty in this issue. And I hope our goal is achieved, that every reader learns at least one new trhing by the time they get done reading the paper, hopefully cover to cover.

Our cover story is on Pia Kinney-James, the first African American female to become an officer with the Madison Police Department. It’s funny how this story made it through my thick skull.

I’ve known Pia for over 40 years. The way that I got to know Pia was not as a police officer, but as the daughter of Doris Kinney. Doris was the person who operated our Jobs-Skills Bank at the Madison Urban League back in the 1980s. Technically I was Doris’ supervisor, but I felt we were actually friends who lived in South Madison and had a mission to see how many people we could help find employment. Doris was good people committed to the advancement of the African American community.