District Translator/Interpreter
                      40 hours/wk, 210 days/yr

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District needs a District Translator/
Interpreter immediately whose primary responsibility is to provide verbal
interpretation for students and families in a variety of contexts, as well as
written translations of important documents. Approximate shift is 8 a.m.-4:30
p.m., but due to occasional night meetings, flex time is allowed.  

Essential  Job  Functions:  Interpretation,  translation and answering phone
calls, questions,  connecting families to school and resources.  

Personal Attributes Required:  Cultural competency,  strong communication
skills,  organized,  strong attention to detail, ability to collaborate, knowledge of
community and outside resources, ability to gain trust,  commitment to families
and helping them.  

1.  High level of literacy in Spanish and English
2.  High level of fluency in Spanish and English
3.  A deep understanding of Latino cultures
4.  An understanding of how schools and school systems function
5.  Familiarity with processes and terminology used in special education
6.  Knowledge of resources available in the community
7.  Value solid experience working in schools over a degree  

Salary commensurate with  experience.  

For more information, contact Diane Austin, (608) 829-9041, or