April 19, 2006 issue
April 19, 2006

Immigration and the Great Racial Divide,
by Dr. Paul Barrows

Nueva ley en Wisconsin castigara fuertemente al indocumentado,
by Alfonso Zepeda-Capistran

Asian Wisconzine page,
by Heidi M. Pascual

Campus-Community Connection
--Nellie McKay, never forgotten
and always present,
by Keme Hawkins
--Life lessons,
by Pam Pfeffer

*  April 10 March photos,
by Jon Gramling

*  Nepalese rise up against king,
by Kathleen Hoag

*  Poets of hues,
Daniel Kunene
Karen Goulet

Of Traffic Accidents ... and BGLOs,
by Tracie Gilbert

* The changing face of Indian emigration,
by Jonathan Gramling

Los tres entierros de Melquiades Estrada,
por Elda Gonzalez

* El 14 de abril de 1931 no se olvida en Espana,
por elda Gonzalez

* Deciphering victory (an interview with LUChA president Sal Carranza),
by Jonathan Gramling

* Harambee 10th Anniversary,
by Jonathan Gramling

*   Hues City Happenings

*  Global Connections

*  Letters to the Editor
Marching for freedom and dignity