Reset Your Life in 2021
Whatever change you decide to make for whatever reset you are seeking, it is possible to manifest transformation if you want to. Hitting “reset” enables us to go
forward without self-criticism and self-defeat and embark on being the best we can be — today and tomorrow. Reset yourself. Reset your life. Now is the perfect
time to check in with yourself and your goals, do a little self-assessment, and reset your life.

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.” — Unknown

Resonate? I know you are capable; you just need to decide. Here are five resets you can do personally to bring wellness to your inner life.

Reset 1: Stay Centered
Stress is unpredictable and takes control when it gets to be too much. Then you are thrown off balance mentally and emotionally. The people who respond the
best to chronic stress know how to remain centered. They can consciously return to a state of calm inner balance. This is a skill you can apply right now and in
the future.

Anytime you feel agitated, distracted, restless, scattered, or on the verge of being overwhelmed, take a few minutes to center yourself. Find a quiet place, close
your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and place your attention in the middle of your chest in the area of your heart. Sit quietly, breathing normally, until you feel calm
and centered. The key to this practice is repetition. By using it often during the day, meaning anytime you notice that you are not centered, you accustom your mind
to return naturally and easily to its balance point.

Reset 2: Find and Give Support
People survive crises better if they have as much support as possible. Studies have shown that each support system you add to your life increases your sense
of safety, security, and well-being when times get tough. Support can come from family, friends, religious affiliation, service organizations, and various support
groups online and in the community.

Finding support for yourself and giving it to others is a basic form of bonding, and it counters the impulse to be alone and isolated, which is very common in a
crisis. Support is different than constantly texting, seeking distractions, and being online all day. The time to create a web of support around you is during good
times, so that when things are not so good, you have a psychological and emotional safety net.

Reset 3: Value Inner Peace and Quiet
Slowdowns, lockdowns, and enforced isolation are numbing. There is a feeling of passivity and uselessness that sets in for many people. So the urge to get
moving once more is only natural as the crisis wanes. But you need to realize that the mind falls prey to boredom and restlessness because it is in the habit of
constant activity. Modern life puts our nervous systems into overdrive, and most people are addicted to this, mistaking overstimulation for normality.

The best remedy for nervous-system overdrive is to take time every day to sit with your eyes closed, go within, and settle down. Learn to value your mind’s’inner
quiet and calmness. This is a state of awareness that is at once restful and alert. Inside-time is not dead time. You are moving into the set point from which all
creativity and productivity springs.

Reset 4: Raise Your Spiritual I.Q.
Everyone is living a unique story, even when society experiences a mass event like the pandemic. An essential part of anyone’s story needs to be a set of
higher values. These include love, compassion, empathy, beauty, truth, creativity, service, devotion, and personal growth. Unless you actively spend time
engaged with these values, in whatever way you choose, you are not using your spiritual potential.

By devoting yourself to the higher values you have chosen, you raise your spiritual I.Q. You cannot be spiritual just by wishing or dreaming about it; even regular
meditation, although valuable, is not the same thing. You have to express your spirit, which only happens in everyday life. Purpose and meaning grow if you
nourish them, and the best way is by consciously leading a life in which spiritual values are given real priority.

Reset 5: Detachment
It is hard to define detachment and even harder to put it in a positive light. In modern life, the emphasis is always on doing, improving, getting involved, making a
career, etc. In other words, there is constant pressure to be fully engaged all the time.

“The point of detachment is that it leads to a great mystery. This is the mystery of higher consciousness, also referred to as waking up, becoming enlightened, and
walking in the light. To grasp what waking up means, you cannot rely on your ego and isolated self,” stated Deepok Chopra

When you cultivate detachment, you can go inside and undertake a journey to a state of awareness untouched by the ups and downs of existence. You shift your
identity away from the insecure, isolated ego-personality. Instead, relying on something society never teaches you — that consciousness and existence are
united. In this union, life becomes simple yet perfected because, despite all our endless activity, being fully conscious achieves bliss, freedom from fear, and
access to the field of infinite possibilities.

I hope these resets will be taken to heart. Each one requires a conscious choice, and the last reset, seeking detachment, demands a committed inner journey.
There is immense potential in every moment of life.

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you need to do something you’ve never done.” — Unknown
“You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on actions that produce results.” — Mike

Clearly, the 2020 holiday season will be unlike any other in modern history. There seems to be a general feeling, heard
from all sides, that the post-COVID world needs a reset. The pandemic imposed new and drastic stresses in people’s
lives. The need to cooperate was brought into high relief, and the rise in areas like depression, anxiety, and domestic
violence was symptomatic of a society pushed to its limits and beyond.

No one escaped the negative effects of the pandemic, but was there a lesson to take away that can actually reset your
life? As crises wane, it is only natural to put the worst experiences behind us. What is rare, and yet extremely valuable, is
to emerge from a crisis with a better life. By this I mean a better inner life because it is in the area of mental, emotional,
and spiritual well-being that the pandemic had its strongest effect.

The power of resetting is that at any given moment you truly can reset yourself, your outlook and your situation. A reset is
your personal empowerment “button” — accessible anytime you desire change. You may not have reset today, BUT you
can reset tomorrow! And that’s the whole point. Resetting is not about beating yourself up, feeling bad or feeling stuck. A
reset allows us the opportunity to make improvements in our daily life in any shape or form we choose, at any pace we
desire. For some, this might be smaller steps that lead to changes overtime. For others, it might be a larger shift that
shakes the tree and uproots the foundation.