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Heidi @
  2009 has been a rough year for many of us. But then again, it could have been much worse. Without the
massive intervention that President Barack Obama implemented in the financial sector and the stimulus funds
that were spent on education, construction and other sectors, people’s retirement benefits might have been
worth a lot less and millions more may be out of work. There are signs that the rate of job loss is bottoming
out. We could begin to see net job gains early next year.
  It’s been a difficult time for many. Many of us have experienced the loss of loved ones. In particular, I have
to mention the death of Mary Louise Symon who had been a big supporter of The Capital City Hues, sending
notes of encouragement each year along with her subscription. She had been a champion of so many causes,
one who did battle with such grace and charm. We will miss her.
  In spite of the recession, people got married. Children were born. And people did make strides in their lives.
My own son Andrew who at one time said he would never go to college enrolled at Anhui University in Hefei,
China this past September to study Mandarin. That was such a bright spot for me that I am so grateful for.
I was blessed to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. last January. It was
awesome seeing history being made. What was equally memorable was the 1.8 million people who descended
upon Washington to witness the event. In crowded subway cars with people stepping on each other’s feet and
being up close and personal, I can’t remember anyone saying a disparaging word to another. People of all
races were loving each other, waiting in long lines in the cold. If I were ever to see Martin Luther King Jr.’s
Beloved Community, it was then. It was a moment in time where I could see with my own two eyes what is
possible for humanity.
  It’s been a very difficult time for the newspaper industry as some difficult industry trends have been
exasperated by the severe recession we have been experiencing. If we had done things the same old way
during 2009, The Capital City Hues would not have survived the recession of 2009. I would probably be writing
the paper’s obituary in this issue.
  There are two things that we have done differently. We created and published the 2010 President Barack
Obama Calendar and have sold them basically through functions I have been at and through e-mail marketing.
So far, we have sold 680 calendars and have 320 more for sale. Once many people see them, they can’t resist
their beauty and buy one. This effort has made me feel awkward at times, being a door-to-door salesman
hawking my wares. But it has been for a worthy cause.
  We have also gotten by with a lot of help from our Virtual Subscribers. Some have given a little and some
have given a lot and they all gave us a boost in morale during this most difficult period. As the song goes, “I
get by with a little help from my friends.” The Capital City Hues has gotten by with the help from the following
Virtual Subscribers and we are grateful:

Paul Kusuda • Ottilie Gramling & Dan Dingman • Tom Bier • Brenda Joyce Brown • Sandra Kallio & William
Clingan • Hatheway Hasler • Scott Fromader • Eileen Hocker • Lorna Aaronson • Michael & Annette Miller •
Nancy McCulley • Les & Velma Ritcherson • David Haas • Thad Miller • Yvonne Bowen • Moira Urich • Rose
Mary Jackson • Margaret Nellis • Sharon Isensee & Ken Coffen • John Harmelink •  Howard Landsman •
Deborah Gil R. Casado • Shree & Lakshmi Sridharan • Alyssa Kenney & Ed Lee • Crystal Anders • Regina
Lloren • Cora White • Kathryn Moore • Henry Sanders Sr.

  We look forward to a new dawn in 2010. It will be a better year for most of us. But we must never forget that
there are people in the unemployment lines and the food pantry lines, lines that will not be greatly diminishing
soon. For those of us who are experiencing a little difficulty in 2010, let’s give them a helping hand. Let us still
feel compassion. Happy New Year!
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
                      Help from our Friends