JWT Productions’ New Year’s Eve Bash at hte Marriott
A Hoppin’ New Year’s Eve
more of asteppin’ music, house music. We have a DJ coming from Chicago who will be performing a song called ‘Get Your Step On.’ That’s a national song.
And a third room will be a hip-hop, R&B room. It will be in the bigger room where we will have the comedy show. We’ll have DJ Triple X and DJ Muhammad.”
It was important to Patterson that the party be attractive to people of all ages, that no matter the age, people could feel assured that they would find something
that would appeal to their musical tastes. “When JP Hair Designs does events, the older people say ‘Ah, you don’t want to go there because the younger kids are
there,’” Patterson said. “And the younger kids say ‘Ah, it’s going to be older folks there.’ So we wanted to be at the midpoint. We have to get past that old-young
thing. We’ll be pushing to get everyone there and let everyone know we can have an event for people ages 21-65. And we’ll have a good time and a safe time.
We’ll accommodate everyone.”
    Patterson and his partners are sensitive to the fact that a lot of people are going through hard times with the economy the way it is. So they adjusted their
price structure to fit the evening into everyone’s price range. “What we decided to do was go with group tickets until Christmas,” Patterson said. “If you buy three
or more tickets, the tickets are $15 each. The general ticket for a single person will be $25 and couples will be $40. Last year, the couple’s ticket was $75 and
single was $35. We’re looking for volume this year and getting a lot of people out. We talked to the Marriott about the financial market and what we were trying to
do. They came down on the room price. The last two years, the rooms have been $89 for anyone who wanted to stay overnight under the JP Hair Designs New
Year’s Eve Party. So this year, they pushed it down to $69. So for a room and a ticket, it’s $84. For that price, you can get a comedy show, a live band and
access to all three rooms and a room at the Marriott.”
    And for those who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve a little more on the upscale side, the VIP section may be what they are looking for. “We will have a VIP
section which will have free hor d’oeuvres and each person will receive three free drink tickets,” Patterson said. “It also reserves you a personal table with a wait
staff. VIP tickets are $75 before the event and $100 at the door. We only have space for 150 VIPs.”
There’s something for everyone at this New Year’s Eve bash.

http://madisonnewyearsevebash.info/ to purchase tickets or to locate ticket outlets.
By Jonathan Gramling

    A few years ago, Jeffrey Patterson, the ‘JP’ of JP Hair Designs on Odana Road, had a lot of
business coming through as New Year’s Eve approached. Most of his customer’s had a common
question. ‘Where’s the party on New Year’s Eve?’ And, sad to say, Patterson and his staff couldn’t
answer the question. There wasn’t anything happening with a predominantly African American
venue. Patterson and his staff decided to create a positive answer to the question.
    And the answer was JP Hair Design’s New Year’s Eve Party at the Marriott Madison West. The
gala attracted 300 or so guests and Patterson did it again last year.
    This year, Patterson heard the Wes Productions and Triumph Productions were looking to
host their own New Year’s Eve parties. Instead of competing against each other, they decided to
collaborate and create something bigger and better. They call themselves JWT Productions and
they have planned an entertainment extravaganza at the Marriott Madison West that will have
people hopping till the wee hours of the morning.
    “This year, we’re going to have a comedy show,” Patterson said as he took a break from
cutting his son’s hair. “It starts at 8 p.m. and will go until about 10 a.m. when we will then have a
live band called Charlie Brooks and Soul Food. They are a cover band, so they will be playing
The Temptations and The O’Jays and some classic R&B. The DJ will also play some classic
R&B and Blues. In another room, we’ll have Old School Dusties and Steppers. That room will be
Jeffrey ‘JP’ Patterson cuts his son’s hair at JP’s Hair Design.
Patterson started the New Year’s Eve Bash three years ago
because people didn’t have anywhere to go.