Vol. 5    No. 23
November 18, 2010

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Jonathan Gramling
Publisher & Editor

Clarita G. Mendoza
Sales Manager

Contributing Writers
Rita Adair, Ike Anyanike, Paul
Barrows, Alfonso Zepeda
Capistran, Theola Carter, Fabu,
Andrew Gramling, Lang Kenneth
Haynes, Eileen Cecille Hocker,
Heidi Pascual, Jessica Pharm,
Laura Salinger, Jessica Strong, &
Martinez White

Heidi @
      Looking back a year ago, things were looking pretty bleak for The Capital City Hues. We had lost money
our first three years and just when it seemed that we might get profitable, the Great Recession hit sending
our financial boulder back down the hill toward financial insolvency. All during 2009, we lost money almost
every month. I began to see the edge of financial ruin each month and I felt that boulder was tied to the end of
a rope that was tied around my waist, pulling me over the edge. It was a very depressing time for I had
placed all of my eggs in this one basket and didn’t really have a solid Plan B other than a vague idea of going
to work for the post office or a PDQ.
      But The Hues and I were fortunate to have friends in our most desperate hour. First it was the people who
gave us money as our “virtual subscribers,” especially Paul Kusuda who gave in spite of being a regular
subscriber. I will always be grateful for Paul’s intercession.
      And then there were the 2011 Obama calendars. We ended up selling over 850 of the calendars, which
kept us on just this side of financial solvency. I often joke that the calendars were our own personal stimulus
plan. I will always be grateful to the president and to our many readers who bought them for holiday gifts and
for posterity.
      In 2011, our prospects began to get brighter. In addition to our long-time standbys of MGE, Becker Law
Offices and Housing Ministries of Wisconsin, Group Health Cooperative began to advertise with us on a
regular basis. Thank you so much GHC, which coincidentally is The Hues’ health care provider. But I thank all
of the folks who advertised with us this year. Whether it was one ad or many ads, your advertising is what
pays the bills around here and we are mighty grateful!
      We are also grateful for the over 60 paying subscribers to the paper. While we make little money from our
subscriptions after paying for the postage and processing them on a bi-weekly basis, they are a means of
support for us. People have invested their $45 because they believe in us and feel The Hues is important
enough to them to have the paper delivered to their doorsteps. It is a wonderful, psychic support.
      Our prospects made it into the black — accounting lingo for having a positive cash flow — during 2011.
One reason for that is increased revenue, due in large part, to increased advertising. We founded the paper
going on five years ago with a vision of helping the Madison area become a more cosmopolitan community
where everyone was free to pursue life, liberty and happiness through positive expressions of culture and
race. It appears that our vision is taking hold as measured by the support we are receiving from the
      We also climbed into the black because we cut some of our expenses as well. Heidi Pascual, our
managing editor and sales person decided to move back to The Philippines last April because her economic
situation was declining here and she missed her family, particularly her grandchildren back home. And in
part she left because she felt she was costing The Hues too much — we were paying 100 percent of her
health insurance because we all need health insurance. When Heidi left, we no longer paid her health
insurance and had some salary savings because I picked up the slack in the workload. Heidi bit a bullet for
us and I will be forever grateful. Of course, she is still working for us over the Internet as The Hues’
webmaster and formats some of our ads and editorial. We still do miss her.
      I also have to give thanks to our writers Lang Kenneth Haynes and Andrew Gramling — yes that is my
son who has reported all the way from Nanning and Hefei, China — and on occasion, Fabu, Madison’s poet
laureate. It is wonderful to have these voices in the paper with different perspectives and ideas. My son
recently moved back to the States and is living in Davis, California where he plans to get his undergraduate
degree in engineering. He is interested in building things. However, his column will continue for the next two
years because he has been writing with a two-year delay. Gosh, I love his memory.
      Finally, I thank our readership. Our circulation has been climbing slowly, but surely over the past year
and our website has an ever increasing number of hits from people who prefer to read us on-line or to check
out our classified ads that are sometimes only posted on-line.
      During our bleakest moments last year, it was the kind words of support that I received from many of you
as I traveled the community that kept me going. In my darkest moment, you were my dawn. I am so grateful to
all of you.
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling   
                          Thanksgiving to All