Vol. 15  No. 22
NOVEMBER 2, 2020
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The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
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by Jonathan Gramling      
Dr. John Odom and Victory?
At the beginning of last week, I had Dr. John Y. Odom on my mind.

Last April, I had asked John if he could check with La Muse on a possible column on Donald Trump,
especially as it related to the COVID-19.
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
In Harmony with Mother Earth
Whenever John and I talked about him writing a column, he would always refer to that literary, creative side as La Muse. We would always
joke around about it in that way. Anyway, La Muse didn’t come up with a Trump column and John wrote a very religious/spiritual piece that
was very good. After all, John was PK.
And so I was wondering if perhaps La Muse would be ready to write a quick column on the November 3rd election on the morning after. And I thought against it
because it was a pretty quick turnaround for La Muse.

And as it turned out, a day or two later, I found out that John had passed away. It was a shocking moment to hear that another African American community leader
had died. It was like hearing that Betty Franklin-Hammonds or Rev. James C. Wright had died. It was shocking.

The last column that John wrote for The Capital City Hues was a tribute to John Lewis when he died this past summer. And I look at the photo that I ran with the
column, one that John  had taken with John Lewis, and I see two civil rights leaders and champions who are now resting in peace in Heaven.

I had the honor to tell John what he meant to the community in July 2019. John was applying for an award with his alma mater and he asked me to write a couple of
paragraphs to go with his application. This is what I wrote:

“Dr. John Y. Odom has always been a thought leader in Madison’s African American community and beyond, often times creating awareness within the community
of a particular issue or concern or adding a new perspective to the community discussion. As the publisher & editor of The Capital City Hues, I always read with joy
Dr. Odom’s columns that we occasionally publish. Dr. Odom is a very witty writer and I often times find myself chuckling over an unexpected turn of phrase or
concept that Dr. Odom uses in articulating a stance on a particular subject.”

My condolences to Annie, his wife and Nikki, his daughter. There is no filling the large hole that John’s departure has left in our lives.. --