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Back in July, I wrote a column asking people to take out Virtual Subscriptions as a way for our readership
community to help The Capital City Hues make it through the winter months of the recession. While it wasn’t
the great outpouring that I had hoped for, I was very gratified by the generosity and support of the following
people, which definitely helped:
   Paul & Atsuko Kusuda
   David Brockert
   Neil Heinen
   Mary Louise Symon
   Fannie Frazier Hicklin
   Kerry Ham
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   Ada Deer

   The period October – December 2009 is looking as if it could be the leanest that this newspaper ever faced. As
state government continues to adjust to the latest round of budget cuts, the private sector in this especially tough
fiscal year, is cutting back to make it under budget. While the stock market may have reached the 10,000 mark
once again, there is still some contracting going on that will hit bottom this year and hopefully
begin rising once again in 2010 although there will probably be some further adjustments going on in local
government and the non-profit sector.
   This translates to big reductions in advertising on the part of many employers and organizations, advertising
that is the life blood of The Capital City Hues.
   And so, I am forced to once again ask our readership community for some help during this lean period. I ask
people to take out a Virtual Subscription of $20.
   This means that you continue to pick us up from the news stand or read us online while helping us out with our
printing and other expenses. I have had many people stop me and ask what they can do to help. A Virtual
Subscription is something that people can do quite inexpensively. If people can do more than $20, it would be
greatly appreciated and if they can only give less, then that is cool too. We just want to hear from you. We will
publish an expanded list of our Virtual Subscribers in December. Please be one of them!
   We want to remain strong and able to reflect the cosmopolitan city that Madison is becoming. We can’t do it
without your help. Please fill out the form below and help us remain Your Capital City Hues! I thank you in
advance for your support, generosity and commitment to keeping a truly positive, multicultural newspaper alive
in Madison.

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