Editor's Corner
by Jonathan Gramling      
Milestones and RBG
Jonathan Gramling
We also haven’t promoted our website beyond listing it on Facebook on occasion and listing it on the cover of each edition. We haven’t
manipulated the numbers or taken out ads that drive traffic to the site. But people somehow find us. And we get visits from all over the world.
I feel proud of that. Our big metric is the quality of the newspaper and it is icing on the cake when we get quantity to go along with that.

This Saturday and on the following Saturday, the city of Madison is hosting Democracy in the Park at over 200 city of Madison parks. This
is only for city residents.

People 18-years-old or older will be able to go to their neighborhood park — I never knew Madison had so many parks — and have all of
their voting needs met by trained and certified staff and volunteers. The temperature outside is supposed to hit a high of 74 degrees and there
is only a 20 percent chance of rain forecast. It sounds like it will be a wonderful day to stroll to the park that is down the block from your
house or apartment and exercise you constitutional right to select the people who will govern you for the next 2-6 years.

And just remember that when you don’t vote, it makes the vote of the guy with views completely different from your own count double.
Please don’t let that happen.

I’ve already gotten my absentee ballot and I will be submitting it next week. Please vote.

It’s been a grim week. According to John Hopkins University, which tracks COVID-19 cases, the U.S. has now experienced its 200,000th
COVID-19 infection, 200,000. It was only six short months ago that were talking about 120,000, if my memory serves me correctly, and that
was on the high end. And even back then, President Trump was bragging how great of a job he has done limiting it to maybe 60,000 or so.

And as the numbers continue to climb, the bar keeps getting raised so that Trump still claims that he has done a fantastic job. COVID-19 has
killed more U.S. citizens than the past five war engagements. What will he be claiming when it hits 300,000 deaths, that his magnificent work
prevented a million from dying? Trump hates science for science would have exposed him to be the charlatan that he is and place blame
squarely where it belongs.

I read that Trump was trotting out China again as the cause of our pandemic and its severity. Trump is always searching for bogus cures and
scapegoats to deflect blame from him. Trump is a little boy in an old man’s body. Unfortunately, thousands have died because he never did
grow up.

The death toll in the U.S. from COVID-19 is equal to or greater than the total number of people killed by the atomic bombs dropped on
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan in 1945. Trump will have the blood of tens of thousands of people on his hands because his words and actions
have been used solely for his own benefit at the expense of the health and wellbeing of so many Americans. God help us all.

It was a shock to the system when I heard that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg succumbed to her cancer this week. As
much as she had reportedly been in and out of the hospital during the last 12 months, I almost felt that she would hang on with sheer
willpower until January when hopefully Joe Biden will be sworn in.

Ginsburg was a real class act and a role model for all of us in our end-of-life days. Although her cancer had progressed much and I am sure
that she was in a lot of pain, she didn’t show it or sweat it, at least publically. Ginsburg stay engaged right through the end, finishing out her
Supreme Court term last summer and hanging in there for the stat of the term in October.

In many ways, I feel that Ginsburg was standing between us and democracy and autocratic rule. With Justice Roberts playing a non-
ideological role, the ultimate decisions by the court were still not a lock according to the ideological, conservative stance of the court. And she
was also civil, drawing a line between herself as a justice and herself personally in how she treated people. She treated everyone with dignity
and was friends with Justice Scalia — who was on the opposite political spectrum from her — of all people. She did have a life and principles.

The evil twins of Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were probably counting down the days when they thought
Ginsburg would die. It appears that they had been making plans even before Ginsburg’s final days.

It was four years ago that McConnell blocked President Barak Obama’s Supreme Court pick claiming it was too close to the election and the
newly-elected president should make the nomination. There were over a dozen sitting Republican senators who claimed principle when agree
with McConnell. Merrick Garland never got a vote.

Now four years later, the shoe is on the other foot and now McConnell is ready to almost approve Trump’s pick before the individual is even
announced. They are taking the U.S. government and democracy to a new low. They act like spoiled children and leading our democracy is
no place for a child.yone.
It’s something that has been coming ever so slowly akin to the watched pot that never boils. In my humble
opinion, it is quite a milestone. Sometime during the last two weeks, our website, www.capitalcityhues.com,
recorded its 250,223rd unique visit to the website. That’s like the whole city of Madison coming to the
website at least one.

We only count unduplicated hits on our website because I think that is a more meaningful number. Otherwise,
if I had five people visit the site just by having it as their start-up web page 10 times every day over the past
15 years, we would have 273,750 hits just from those five people alone. While it’s a whole bunch of numbers,
it’s not very meaningful.