Travelin' with Eileen
Driving Wisconsin: Eau Claire to LaCrosse
By Eileen Cecille Hocker

Traveling from Eau Claire to LaCrosse? Try the quaint Hwy 93 out for size.
More fun than circling back to the out-of-the-way interstate highway.

      I discovered Hwy 93 from Eau Claire down to LaCrosse, while on a job
assignment. Lots of rolling hills, farms, and barns, oh my! Like something
straight out of an art exhibit Americana.
      The first little town I came to along the way was Eleva. My co-worker
says it’s the home of the broiler-fest. I hear they broil chickens here, and the
bar-be-cue ones are supposed to be pretty good. Hey, sounds yummy to me.
Next stop is a place called Independence. I’d heard of Independence,
Missouri … but Wisconsin?  When you first roll into town, you’re greeted with
this very bright, white and red brick Catholic Church just to your left. Right
beside it is a neatly arranged little cemetery with a prominently-placed
crucifix of Jesus in the middle. It’s all right there…just beside the road.
Seemingly out of nowhere. And quite the little surprise.
      Further along, I hit the town of Arcadia. Its “welcome” sign is a large
John Deere store on the right, and lots of large green and yellow tractors out
A paddlewheel boat on the Mississippi River near
in the yard. And I mean lots of them. Next to that is a really big Ashley Furniture sign.
     Before I knew it, my ears were popping as I drove up the hill that is dead ahead of you from these stores. On top, I could see over the
whole valley for some truly lovely mid-western country views.
      Further ahead, down on the other side of this hill, Hwy 93 turns left at Centerville. Don’t miss it!
Then after a while, it becomes larger — two lanes coming and two lanes going — and a lot busier too. And off in the distance — to the
right — you see this long wall of hills … that’s Minnesota!
      Soon I was brushing the outskirts of Onalaska. And another “welcome” sign, this time the big Menards on the left! Five minutes after
that … wha-la!  LaCrosse!  The drive took me about an hour and 45 minutes.
  Eileen Cecile Hocker is a diversity outreach coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Law
Enforcement, a writer, and an absolute lover of traveling adventures.