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Y 14, 2011

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Jonathan Gramling
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Laura Salinger, Jessica Strong,
& Martinez White
Granted, our world is a complex place that has many things that happen which influence our
present and our future. I have to admit that I am sometimes prone to greatly consider conspiracy
theories as an explanation for why things happen the way that they do. For instance, I’m still
convinced that President John F. Kennedy was not killed by a lone assassin in Dallas, Texas back
in November 1963. I just can’t believe that the magic bullet was that magical or that Lee Harvey
Oswald was that brilliant to pull it off.

Now I know the world, like I said, is a complex place, but there sure are things that happen that
make me wonder.

For instance, the events that have been taking place in Wisconsin during the past few years have
left me bewildered.

Why would billionaires Charles and David Koch be so interested in the state of affairs of Wisconsin
and invest so heavily in the future of Governor Scott Walker? Isn’t Texas with its millions of people
and oil wealth and vast land holdings keep the Koch brothers preoccupied for the rest of their

Why would they take the time to set up a business office near the State Capitol and be so concerned
with getting a great, no-bid deal on a power station or two that they want to buy from the state of
Wisconsin at bargain prices? Aren’t there plenty of energy-related investments closer to home in

But then I look at what is happening in Texas lately. It sure has been hotter than blazes in Texas this
summer with many days spent with a temperature over 100 degrees. And it seems that they have
perennial drought conditions and it seems that half of the state has been on fire during the past few
months with the other half enjoying peak fire conditions.

And then, if the heat and drought don’t get you, then the hurricanes and tornadoes might get you. It
just seems that no matter where you go in Texas, the living conditions seem to be getting worse
and worse as we continue to experience climate change due to all of the pollution we have been
sending up into the air, acting as if the vast proliferation of human beings who consume more and
more energy won’t have some impact.

According to my lay calculations, things are going to get mighty hot and dry in Texas — making it
unbearable — long before things will get bad in a place like, let’s say, Wisconsin. Things have
gotten a little hot in Wisconsin, especially earlier in the spring. But for the most part, we’ve been
experiencing weather that is 20-30 degrees cooler than Texas. Weather in Wisconsin does have its
drawbacks, but we seem to avoid the typhoons, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes and major
tornadoes that other places in the United States do. And when I took a drive out into the country the
other day, things sure were looking green and beautiful without any massive irrigation system. And
Wisconsin sits on one of the biggest sources of fresh water in the world. As we begin to
experience global climate change, Wisconsin is looking like a mighty fine place to live.

And maybe the Koch brothers have realized that too. Maybe they realize that Texas is going to be
too hot to handle in the future and so, they are preparing a future resting place for their families and
their businesses. So in addition to spending money in Wisconsin politics to prevent President
Barack Obama from getting elected in 2012, the Koch brothers are going for a twofer.

Let’s see. They have begun the process to make Wisconsin into a right-to-work state where people
are not compelled to pay union dues to organizations that win them better working conditions and
higher wages — we could call it ‘right to freeload.’ As a matter of fact, they have begun to make us
a union-free state altogether.

And not too long ago, Wisconsin passed a concealed-carry law for guns. Now every Wisconsinite
and pack a pistol to the grocery store, to the baseball game and tailgating at the football game
where everyone is consuming large quantities of beer. This even though the overall rate of violent
crime has decreased in recent years. We must be watching too many action flicks on television to
think that an enemy stands behind every tree.

Who knows what is next? After all, the Republicans are now trying to do their voodoo redistricting
schemes that could guarantee them legislative majorities during the next 10 years. Didn’t they do
that in Texas with Tom DeLay? Maybe they will now try to institute the death penalty and challenge
Texas for the state that puts to death the most people, even in an age where many death penalty
convictions are being reversed.

Come to think of it, Wisconsin is starting to look like … Texas. Could a state name change be far
behind? Maybe we should just rename ourselves New Texas.
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling   
                   Welcome to New Texas