The Philippine-American Association of Madison and
Neighboring Areas Annual Picnic
PAMANA Phoenix
Clockwise from left: PAMANA Executive
board members Ed Escall (l-r), Mary
Lim, Jun Gonzales, Julie Hansen, Gene
Sarmiento, Kevin Griffith, Cora
Holloway, Al Gutierrez, Mary France,
Glenn Ruiz, Janette Becker,  and
cultural director Jacqui Patricio. Not
pictured is treasurer Joseph Ferdinand
Barut; Four contestants try to eat as
many eggs as possible in the balut —
hard-boiled duck egg — egg eating
contest; Ed Escall talked about the
direction he wants PAMANA to go in;
Jun Gonzalez, the PAMANA president,
talked about what his goals are for the
next year.
By Jonathan Gramling

After the Philippine-American Association of Madison and Neighboring Areas (PAMANA) received its 501(c)(3) status in January 2010 through
the efforts of Cora Duque, Al Gutierrez, Ernie Jamandre and attorney Carmel Capati, it seemed as if the organization went into a state of
dormancy as no major events or meetings were held.

But things started picking up again this spring as a set of new executive board members were elected. On July 9, over 200 people turned
out for the PAMANA annual picnic for a taste of great food and fun and games such as the balut egg-eating contest. The highpoint of the event
was the installation of the new executive board who all made a pledge of unity to revive PAMANA once more.

“Today, I think there was more diversity and it was more mixed than the previous gatherings,” said Jun Gonzalez, PAMANA’s president. “My
main goal was to get the program together. We’ve done a lot of Facebooking and the social media stuff as well as a lot of e-mails. My short
term goal for the year that I am in office is to improve communication and increase the bank balances of PAMANA. Like one of the board
members mentioned, it is important for the children to experience what the values of The Philippines are and transfer those values to the
children. It’s all about the children being the future.”

Like the Phoenix, PAMANA is rising from its ashes to once more be a unifying and educational force in the Madison area’s Philippine-
American community.