Editor's Corner
by Jonathan Gramling      
Dog Days of Summer
Jonathan Gramling
Unfortunately, she will be late this year. While I completed her returns around the time that I usually, do even Fed Exs international shipping
has been slowed by COVID-19 and so I won’t get it until July 16th. I hope the feds and the state will go easy on her.

And of course, I had this issue of The Hues to put together while all of the other stuff had to be done and submitted. Even though I was not
surprised, I was shocked the other day when I saw my first Trump for President ad on television the other day. Nowhere does the ad say
what Trump has done, but it also doesn’t address, even abstractly, what he plans to do in a second term. Instead, on the left hand side, it
talked about how Joe Biden and his supporters want to defund the police and on the other side it showed violent clashes of demonstrators
with the police, meaning anarchy would take root of Biden is elected President.

Trump has been stepping up the rhetoric as of late, intensifying the divide in this country. His law and order theme is even worse that it was
with Richard Nixon. Trump is trying to scare anyone who perceives themselves as white with the threat of people of color and others taking
over the country with violence, tearing down statues and almost enslaving people.

Trump is trying to move the divide line a little bit more to the middle so that he can recapture suburban voters, especially suburban women,
through fear. Trump is playing the race card very blatantly and in a desperate attempt to be re-elected.

He doesn’t care if he leaves this country with deep divides and wounds. That will be someone else’s problem after he is done, hopefully in

Donald Trump apparently doesn’t care about the health and well-being of school children either. I can’t believe that Trump is advocating for
the complete reopening of the schools this fall and if people don’t, it’s because they are trying to prevent his re-election.

It’s ironic that Trump would think that parents would sacrifice the futures of their children in order to defeat Trump, yet Trump is willing to
sacrifice the health and welfare of children — and certainly some of their lives — in order to get re-elected. And then there are the thousands
and thousands of school teachers who would possibly be getting exposed, especially in places like Florida. I am sure some of them are
vulnerable to COVID-19, either through medical conditions or age. Are they supposed to jump on their swords so that Trump can claim that
America is getting back to normal?

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Trump’s followers do not see through Trump and realize that he would cause their deaths to if it
served their interests. I realize that a portion of them are bound to Trump through some sense of white supremacy, but I am sure that there
are others who cling to him out of fear and find Trump’s claimed “wealth and success and power” to be reassuring in an ever changing world.

Donald Trump and his manufactured universe, which he can do because he has white privilege and he owns the place, makes this a dog day
of summer.
And one of Donald Trump’s advisors, Peter Navarro I believe, called Joe Biden the “Candidate of the Chinese Communist Party.” This comes
after Trump praised China’s president for the great job he was doing with COVID-19 before he started criticizing the Chinese as VCOVID-19
spread in the United States and Trump needed another scapegoat to blame his own poor response on.

In Trump’s manufactured world, he can do no harm and is perfect in everything he does. And isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Wasn’
t Trump the “Candidate of the Russian Communist Party” who was intentionally aided by Russian hackers under the tacit approval of Putin?
Didn’t the Mueller probe prove that? It may have done so, but Trump has been getting rid of all of the witnesses so that he can claim that
Russia helping him get elected was a “Deep State” conspiracy. He will claim that it never happened.

Normally, I don’t think I would pay this much attention to Trump and his dictator ways, at least not until September when the election season
used to begin. Normally, I would spend a lot of time outdoors, going to Africa Fest and other festivals and enjoying milestones like my sister
Katy’s wedding up in Minneapolis, a wedding we were forced to witness through Zoom.

There would be family gatherings on holidays like the Fourth of July. There are so many fun things I would do during the summer, little things
that don’t cost money, but they do need people interacting face-to-face. How I miss that!

And while I keep my head help high and remain optimistic for the future — this too shall pass — these truly are the dog days of summer.
I’m feeling the Dog Days of Summer this morning in almost a virtual kind of way. For the past few days, I’ve
been out of my house and little office for about three hours. I’ve had a lot of work to do the past week. July
15 is a double whammy because not only is it the usual time for campaign finance reports to be submitted —
and I helped out with or did three of them — but it is also this year’s due date for federal and state financial

One of the tax returns that I do is for Heidi Pascual who is a U.S. citizen, does work for two Wisconsin
entities and officially lives at the address that I live at. And so she files state and federal returns. But one twist
to that is she spends the vast amount of her time in The Philippines and you could say has been working
remotely for the past 10 years. I have been preparing her returns during this time and then emailing them
to The Philippines and she FedExs the signed returns back to me.