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JUNE 3, 2010

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Heidi @
   When I think about it, I mourn the Gulf Coast and all of the living things there because of the continued
pouring out into the Gulf of Mexico of thousands of barrels of oil per day due to what I have seen is a lack of
procedures followed and wrong assumptions implemented. I have to turn away from the cable news at times
because I just can’t take the oil-drenched shorelines and wildlife.
    The disruption of this oil spill is going to be felt in all of our lives. I’m not even thinking about it being used
as an excuse to dramatically raise gasoline prices. It will cause certain types of seafood to become
prohibitively expensive. But I’m not thinking about that impact either.
    I turn away from the television because I can’t bear the pain and suffering that I know people from New
Orleans to the west coast of Florida are going to have their ways of life disrupted for the rest of their lives
because when they get the oil leak under control, it will be decades before Mother Earth has absorbed this
latest human catastrophe.
    But I think I turn away from the television because it reminds me of humankind’s frailty and that we are
prone to inevitably have major accidents and catastrophes due the chaos of the universe and the lack of
control that humans actually have over things that they play around with like one-mile-deep-below-the-surface
oil wells and nuclear bombs and things like that. Although we have confidence in our ability to control — and
ironically it is our confidence that often leads to carelessness — that control is actually a lack of control
because we are not omniscient and able to predict with certainty future events that will undermine that control.
So with the oil well leaking off the coast of Louisiana, my confidence in our ability to control future events is
leaking right out with it. Will our control of atomic weapons also fall outside of our control? I am normally an
optimist and one with hope and I am trying hard to maintain my optimism now, but this is not helping me feel
that we are prepared to deal with the intended and unintended consequences of human nature and behavior.
God please help us now.
     I am starting to feel like the economy is picking up or at least has stopped its freefall and has stopped
shedding jobs left and right. The unemployment rate for May 2010 was 9.7 percent and as far as I am aware of,
there were no massive layoffs announced. How the economy fares in the next few months will have a major
impact on the November elections. If the economy looks like it is improving and people are getting back to
work, the Democrats will claim that it was the stimulus package and other Obama Administration actions that
led to the economic recovery while the Republicans will say that the economy is improving in spite of the
Obama Administration’s actions.
     However, if the economy stagnates and no new job creation occurs, the Democrats will say that the
federal government doesn’t really affect the economy in the short term and the Republicans will say that the
Obama Administration wasted a lot of money and its economic policies held the economy back. No matter
what the economy is doing in November, both political parties will be giving it a lot of spin. I’m sure there are
a lot of conflicting economic theories that they have ready for the fall election cycle, theories that they will pull
out not because they think they are true. They will pull them out because they feel they can gain the political
upper hand with them.
     I read with dismay the comments made by a local Wasilla, Alaska news outlet about the biographer of
Sarah Palin moving in next door to her. Apparently Palin isn’t cooperating with the biographer and has
basically called him a stalker. The biographer moved in because it was available and moved to Wasilla to
interview people who have known Pain. Anyway, the news outlet talked about the right of Palin to shoot
people who trespass on her property.
     In 2009, 113 reporters worldwide were singled out and murdered because of their profession. Most of
these are political acts because the reporter was reporting on things that government bodies and politic al
parties didn’t want to be known. The suggestion by the Wasilla news outlet that Palin could shoot the
biographer if he were to set foot on her property was in very poor taste. The fact that a news outlet said it
makes me wonder about the quality of the news outlet.
Reflections/Jonathan Gramling
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