Vol. 15  No. 10
MAY 18, 2020
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by Heidi M. Pascual
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
Editor's Corner
by Jonathan
The Good, Bad, and Trump
This issue of The Hues — I will be honest with you — is coming out one week late, something that always
makes me pretty depressed. I keep trying to look at the bright side. The Hues is still being published and
gaining a greater circulation in the places we are placing them. I am grateful!
As a community newspaper, part of the energy of the paper comes from the interactions I and other associated with the paper have with community members. I’m a
hugging kind of person. And the interactions and body language and smiles and whispers of ‘Thank you’ do make a difference. It is the community life that creates
the stories and I just trail behind trying to record it all. Through the events and other things that are happening in the community — or even story ideas
communicated in passing —a stream of story ideas come my way and it is impossible to capture them all.

But now, none of that is happening. There is no talking and hugging and shaking hands. Many organizations and individuals are hunkered down until it is safer to
come outside and I don’t blame them. I just found out one of my nephews, a healthcare worker, had contracted COVID-19 and thought he was over it, but now has
pneumonia. We are all concerned for him.

And so somewhat, I sit in intellectual isolation. Now I have to remember what went on last year and I have to come up with 90 percent of the story ideas. It can be
overly taxing and one issue seems to run into the next. And the community centers I do accounting work for have had special revenues and expenses as they help
their constituencies cope with the pandemic. There can be no lag time. Everything has to be current.

And of course, everything about The Hues is digital and virtual now. I think I get screen burn from my computer from time to time.

And we are in a period when advertising revenue is down, but we are still paying everyone and paying our bills relatively on time. But it makes it just a little bit more
difficult, another barrier to overcome, when you know the issue is losing money. And then like many newspapers in this time and space, you gut it out because
people need the stories that are being told.

I keep on going because The Hues fills a community need and it is essential in some people’s lives. I have faith, in part, because our forbearers had faith in spite of
so many harsh environments and events. If they could, I can. And I think that is true for all of us.

What also keeps me going is this fine community that I call the Greater Madison Area. While we definitely know how to compete, how to gather riches and look out
for ourselves, we also know how to come together in a time of crisis to look out for each other. --
The Naked
by Jamala Rogers
But it is harder to put out an issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working in isolation makes it more difficult and it actually takes more time
to produce each article.
Standing Up for Community
by Fabu
by Andrew Gramling