Madison-Obihiro Sister Cities  Inc.
Close friendship across the Pacific
Heidi M. Pascual*
Publisher & Editor
* 2006 Journalist of the Year for the State
of Wisconsin (U.S.-SBA)
Koryu Association. For many years now, both associations haveexchanged
delegates and shared knowledge in the areas of culture, education, trade and
mental health, among others.
      Most recently, they hosted a cultural night and fund-raiser on March 26 at
Edgewater Hotel, highlighting food, music, photo exhibit and products of both
Madison and Obihiro. The highlight of the night was a photo exhibit of the late
Kouichi Urashima, a well-known Obihiro photographer whose life story and
photos are included in Japan’s high school textbooks. His son, Hisashi, was
on hand to tell guests about his father’s work. The delicious sushi and other
finger foods were graciously provided by Shinji Muramoto, the great chef of
Muramoto Restaurants, while entertainment was graciously provided by
Satoko Someya who played beautiful Koto music.
      Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz was in high spirits  as he greeted
attendees and spoke about his experiences in Obihiro during his visit there
last year, as well as the positive exchanges both cities have had through the
years. He focused on the similarities between Madison and Obihiro and the
strong relationship between its people through MOSC and Obihiro-Madison
Koryu Association. He also announced the presence of young visitors from
Obihiro (who got an ice-cream treat in his office earlier) and their teachers in
the audience.
      MOSC Board Pres. Jo Oyama Miller was visibly glad of the turnout, the
presence of “representatives” from both cities, the warm feedback of
attendees for the silent auction, the extraordinary photo exhibit and the “local”
but very delicious Japanese food by Muramoto. Miller acknowledged the
sponsors of the occasion: Kikkoman, Inc.; Keva Sports Center, Edgewater
Hotel, and Hisashi Urashima.
(L-R) MOSC Board Pres. Jo Oyama-Miller & hubby State Sen. Mark Miller;  Obihiro Madison
Koryu Assn. Secretary Takeshi Sanuki; Madison Mayor Dave Cieslevicz & Hisashi Urashima;
Urshima explains the photos of his late father to guests.
(L-R) Sharyl Kato, Rotary Club Pres. Majid & Mrs.
Mahroo Sarmadi, Satoko Someya
Satoko Someya entertains with her Koto music
(L-R) Bob Graebner, Shinji Muramoto, & Emcee Kayo
Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz with visiting young
“delegates” from Obihiro
By Heidi M. Pascual

      True friendship can be gauged
by how two parties care for each
other and exchange the best of
what they have. The cities of
Madison and Obihiro in Japan
have enriched each other through
this positive relationship nurtured
by the Madison-Obihiro Sister
Cities, Inc. (MOSC) and its
counterpart, the Obihiro Madison
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