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March 11, 2010

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Heidi @
 Before I start talking about health care reform, I just wanted to note that there will be some changes going
on at The Hues over the next month or so. Since our inaugural issue on March 20, 2006 — Hey, we are just
about four years old — The Capital City Hues has been published out of the house that I rented at 612
Christianson Avenue since 1998. Well I — and The Hues — have moved.
 As many of you may know, Heidi Pascual, our managing editor, has decided to move back to the
Philippines on April 15. In addition to working at The Hues 15 hours per week, Heidi is also the publisher of
Asian Wisconzine. Well the recent trends in print journalism and the Great Recession have decimated Heidi’
s advertising base and so, her March 2010 edition was the last printed edition of Asian Wisconzine. With
some lingering advertising and faithful columnists, Heidi will continue to publish Asian Wisconzine online
from the Philippines.
 As Asian Wisconzine declined financially, Heidi was not able to land a job in Madison. Right now, Madison
is awash in former journalists who are now working as public and private sector communications
specialists. Heidi always landed in the top five candidates, but never succeeded in being the one who was
selected. She started talking about leaving for The Philippines about a year ago as the economy slid further
into recession and she solidified her plans in January when she got her last rejection letter.
 It has been painful watching Heidi’s magazine decline over the past year and to see her leave for the
Philippines will be especially difficult. It has been equally difficult to not be in a position to do anything about
it as The Capital City Hues was experiencing its own freefall of declining revenues. Things got pretty
hopeless and I felt helpless. This whole process has been like the slow death of a loved one and I have
experienced a thousand deaths during the past year. Nothing is more depressing than two people from the
same declining industry being dependent on each other. They say that misery enjoys company, but I’ll tell you
there was — and is — nothing enjoyable about it.
 Due to the magic of the Internet, Heidi will continue to be the webmaster of our website. I can just upload
our files in some virtual holding place on the World Wide Web and Heidi will be able to download them from
there and work her artistic magic on our website every two weeks. She will also be continuing her Asian
Wisconzine portion of The Hues, filling it with columns and articles that she will generate from the
Philippines. So although her physical presence will no longer be in Madison, she will still be here through
The Hues.
I will write more about this at a later date, but suffice it to say that Heidi will be sorely missed by me, her
friends and her readership. Heidi has been one of those quiet presences in Madison that has made a
significant impact. Her absence from the scene in Madison will then speak loudly about her contributions to
the Madison area. While The Hues will survive and hopefully thrive once The Great Recession ends, it will
never be the same without Heidi’s input into the making of the paper. She will be missed.
 Now back to the physical move. I moved into Heidi’s condo so that she wouldn’t lose her blouse, so to
speak, if she sold it in today’s depressed market. So temporarily — it could be one year or ten years — I will
be living at 303 Whispering Pines Way in Fitchburg. Our phone numbers, e-mail addresses and website
remain the same. Our new mailing address is The Capital City Hues. P.O. Box 259712, Madison, WI 53725.
 Believe it or not, health care reform is still possible in the coming weeks. Last night, I had the pleasure of
witnessing the Democratic Party of Wisconsin honor Sheila Coyle Earl, Ada Deer and Dr. Gene Farley as
Trailblazers for the Democrats. It was a wonderful reception that I will write about at another time.
 What was poignant were the remarks of Gene Farley about health care reform. As anyone who has followed
the reform movement over the years, Gene and his late wife Linda were fierce proponents of the single
payer option for a national health care system. Now the current versions of the bill for health care reform that
are under consideration do not include a single payer structure and may not even contain a public option.
And if Gene were just a short-sighted advocate, he might just urge people to forget the whole thing.
 But Gene urged that people support even a watered-down version of health care reform, which he referred
to as a building permit for a national health care system. He told people that although the building is not
finished in terms of where health care reform should be, any bill that establishes a national system can
serve as the foundation for future changes that will ensure health care as a right and not as a commodity. So
stay tuned in the coming weeks for the final passage of a health care reform bill. In the words of Yogi Berra,
“It ain’t over until it’s over.”
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