CUNA Mutual Group Foundation Funds the EMCC COVID 19 Support Program
For nearly 20 years, the CUNA Mutual Group Foundation and the East Madison Community Center have combined resources to help develop and support
services to best serve families facing financial hardships on Madison's eastside. COVID-19, the pandemic that has changed life as we have known it, continues
to challenge many community families. To help families secure their basic needs and other essential resources has required community partners' collaborations
to be both diligent and creative. During these difficult times, the silver lining has been the resiliency of the neighborhood families and the service agencies'
coordination in providing support. Agencies working together minimize expenses while expanding expertise.

CUNA Mutual Group Foundation recently awarded EMCC the largest donation in the center's 55-year history, $100,000 for the COVID-19 Support Program. This
program helps the center reach out to community members and bridge the Coronavirus's impact with a network of services. In 2021, EMCC will provide an
expanded curb-side food pantry, hot meals, college prep, job training, housing assistance, wellness programs, neighborhood development, education camp,
garden club, internet/computer access, information & referrals, clothing/diaper distributions, art programs, and other family support services.

The CUNA Mutual Group Foundation president, Cedric Ellis, said, “As we continue to focus on building equity in our communities, we recognize the importance of
partnering with organizations that can provide holistic support to families in need The East Madison Community Center is a great example of an organization that
represents, wholly, our Foundation’s focus on education, economic stability and emergency aid. We are proud to be a part of the positive community impact the
EMCC provides.”

Seventy percent of EMCC’s modest annual budget is secured through on-going fundraising. EMCC’s Executive Director, Tom Moen said, “The Center has
amazing staff and all we need to do is generate enough funds to keep these skilled staff members working closely with neighborhood youth and their families.
After more than 45 years as Executive Director, I can say with confidence and pride that the CUNA Mutual Group Foundation is at the top of the list when it comes
to their awareness of the issues that face many families in the Madison Community and by generously supporting local non-profits that address those needs.”

In 2020, EMCC remained open throughout the year and quickly re-tooled services in response to the health risks of COVID-19. EMCC Volunteer PK has been
helping in the food pantry since COVID began. When asked how has EMCC helped him through COVID-19, he said, “I look forward to times I can get away from
the house and go to the center. The staff helped me with my resume and I got a great job. It’s been a total rebirth for me since walking through the center’s doors
on that day in March to get clothes for a job interview.”

With CUNA Mutual Group Foundation's support, EMCC will continue programming to address issues created during the "new normal." Of course, the increase in
Center activities in the upcoming year will be guided by recommendations from the Public Health Department.
Home Heating Fiction and Facts
From MG&E
Fiction: It costs as much or more to heat a home back up after a setback.
Fact: The longer your house remains at the lower temperature, the more heat you save.

Fiction: The house will warm up faster the higher the thermostat is raised.
Fact: The thermostat isn't like the gas pedal on a car. It's either calling for heat or not, so setting the thermostat too
high may cause you to overshoot the desired temperature.

Fiction: The kids will kick off the covers and get cold.
Fact: Children older than about two weeks can regulate their body temperature just like adults, so they don't need
any different temperature than adults. If they kick off the covers, try dressing them in two sets of pajamas with feet or
using a sleeping bag.

Energy-saving benefits
• For your heating bills: By setting back just 3°F, you could save $74 per heating season. Bigger setbacks save even
• For our community: If we all set back our thermostats by 1°F this winter, we could save enough gas for 3,100
Madison Gas and Electric recommends 68°F* when you're home and 55°F* when you're gone or sleeping.
*Or as low as health permits. Check the owner's manual if turning down the temperature for more than 24 hours.