Stubbs Introduces Legislation on Racial Profiling
MADISON- Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison), Representative David Bowen (D-
Milwaukee), and community stakeholders, announced legislation today that creates a civil
cause of action for racially motivated police calls, or profiling by proxy, in Wisconsin. The
Washington State Senate overwhelmingly approved similar legislation last summer in
response to recent highly publicized reports of racial profiling. There are numerous instances
where callers have unnecessarily summoned the police on their neighbors of color for
participating in legal, everyday activities like barbequing, napping, shopping, driving, and
campaigning among others.

Rep. Stubbs, who has been a victim of profiling herself, stated: “Wisconsin has some of the
worst racial disparities in the country, especially within our criminal justice system. Racial
profiling takes law enforcement resources away from real crimes to question Black and Brown
people for being the wrong race in the wrong place. This bill is a legal pathway to justice for
victims, like me, who have experienced the ramifications of profiling.”

In 2018, prior to her election, the police were called on Representative Stubbs while she was
campaigning in a predominantly white neighborhood. She was questioned by an officer and
had to provide multiple forms of identification to prove who she was.

“No one should go through what I went through,” Rep. Stubbs said. “It is time to end profiling in
Wisconsin and raise awareness about dangerous biases and perceptions about race. This
legislation will foster more equitable communities by formally recognizing the daily hardships
that people of color, especially Black people, face every day. Summoning the police as a way to
harass someone or try to have them removed from a space that they are legally occupying is a
violation of their constitutional rights.”
Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison)