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Meet The González Family
Araceli (l) and Froy González founded Compadres restaurant in
Middleton in 2017 and are relying on energy efficiency to help
them meet their bottom line.
Compadres Co-Owner Araceli González grew up in a large family in Mexico. Living sustainably wasn't merely a luxury but a way of life. One of the most common
ways the González family learned to live sustainably was to maximize their existing resources and limiting their waste as much as possible. Araceli still practices
what she learned as a child; for her business, it was ensuring all of their lights were LED with energy efficient appliances in the kitchen. By implementing energy
efficient lights and appliances, Araceli can have significant savings each year, which she can use to reinvest in her business and her community.

You can also save energy and money by switching to LED lighting.

Clean Energy
In addition to LED lighting and energy efficient appliances, Araceli wanted a building that would allow as much natural light as possible to reduce the use of electric
lighting in the day. A supporter of clean energy, Araceli knew she faced several challenges if she was to install solar panels on the roof of her restaurant. The cost
of installing solar panels would be high and Araceli does not own the building where her restaurant operates. These factors nearly made it impossible for Araceli to
use solar power energy in her business until she learned about MGE's, Shared Solar Program.

"When we heard about MGE's Shared Solar Program, it wasn't a difficult decision for us to join."

‍Shared Solar
The Shared Solar Program provided a new opportunity for Araceli's business to operate sustainably by using clean energy to power her business without having to
install solar panels. MGE's Shared Solar program gives customers, like Araceli, the option to add solar to their energy mix. Participants pay a one-time fee to
reserve a portion of the electricity produced and, under the program expansion, will pay a fixed price of $.109 per kilowatt-hour for up to 50 percent of their annual
electric usage. This price will stay with Araceli for 25 years, even if she decides to move her business within the MGE electric service territory.

The González family believe that the key to unlocking a better future for their children is to live in a community where everyone does their part to live sustainably.

Sign Up Today
The Shared Solar Program provides affordable and flexible solar power energy to your home or business. If you would like to learn more about Shared Solar,
you can visit If you are ready to take the next step in clean energy, you can join the waiting list on the Shared Solar website as a
residential or business establishment. Joining the waiting list does not commit you to pay right away but ensures that your shares are reserved, an MGE energy
expert will contact you to share more details about the program once the program is approved.

The Shared Solar Waiting List allows you to subscribe to the number of desired shares. Once the program is approved, you will be contacted to complete the sign-up

Clean Energy Impact
The clean, renewable energy generated through Shared Solar helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by helping to manage fuel
costs that can increase over time. This partnership with customers also advances MGE's long-term framework, Energy 2030. MGE has set the goal of targeting net-
zero carbon electricity by 2050. Working together, we can reach our shared goal of a cleaner energy future.

Green Power Tomorrow
Clean electricity is available right now for homes and businesses through MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program, wind and solar power can be purchased. For
every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of green power purchased by customers, there's a kWh of electricity that won't be generated with non-renewable fuels. Green Power
Tomorrow is probably the easiest and most effective step you can take to advance renewable energy and protect the environment. You can choose a monthly cost
that's comfortable for you. With Green Power Tomorrow, you can purchase a percent (1 percent to 100 percent) of your household’s electricity use.
"As Mother of my children I want them to have a sustainable and clean future."

You just stepped into the shoes of the González Family and learned a few tips along the way to help you reinvest your energy and resources into the things
you really care about. We just scratched the surface and there are many more ways you can begin saving. To learn more about renewable energy, you can contact
MGE’s Energy Experts by sending an email to Ask The Expert at or call the Home Energy Line at 608-252-7117 or 1-800-245-1125. Drop us a
line and learn more ways you can start to free yourself up to do what you love!

Sustainability is more than a cause, initiative, or policy, it’s about people! We aim to create a space where people can dialogue about what sustainability means to
them and what it looks like in everyday life. We believe we can shape tomorrow by sharing how sustainability is at work in communities today. For more information
email Mario Garcia Sierra at or Cedric Johnson at
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On the west side of Madison dwells “The Good Neighbor City” of Middleton offering great
attractions and one of the best Mexican restaurants in town, Compadres Mexican Restaurant.
Compadres opened its doors in 2017 and is named after the four siblings of the family. In honor of
their family values, Compadres is dedicated to providing its customers with authentic Mexican
food from their home state of Querétaro.

"Somos Compadres"
In Mexico and other Latin American countries, families pick two people to be God-Parents for
their child, the parents and the God-Parents are called, compadres. But the term can also be used
to describe a close friend, so for the González family, it was the perfect word to describe their
restaurant where guests can enjoy great food as friends and family. For Co-Owner Araceli
González, Compadres means strength, love, unity, and above all else the bond of family. Her
wish is that everyone who experiences Compadres will have a taste of what it's like to be part of
their family.